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Who was your childhood hero?
Who is the toughest batter you ever faced?
Why did you choose the number 39?
TOP Who was your childhood hero?
Since I grew up in southern California and being a left hander, most would guess that I admired Sanday Koufax most. But the player I admired most was Dodger, Junior Gilliam. He batted second behind Maury Wills and would do the things necessary to move Maury into scoring position. He was a complete team player and that is what I admired most in him.
TOP Who is the toughest batter you ever faced?
If I ever admitted any batter intimidated me, I would lose my advantage as a pitcher. And I still face some of these guys in the old timer games. I must admit that there was one batter that scared the hell out me. Whenever I would go to the plate I would see my own reflection in the bat.
TOP Why did you choose the number 39?
When I was called up as a rookie you were given a number. George Culver was traded to Houston, so they gave me his number. After leaving the Cardinals, I wore number 39 with the Royals and Braves.

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